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1934 Ford Three-Window Coupe "Don Ferguson"


Born in 1927, Don Ferguson, Sr. was a prime candidate for hot rod fever by the early 1950s. And being from Southern California, it was almost an inevitability that the young twenty-something with an interest in cars was going to go racing.

Drag racing was a big attraction for hot-rodders in the post-war period, but the dry lakes in the area provided another diversion that was irresistible to anyone with an aspiration to drive fast. What could be better than aiming for the horizon with your foot to the floor until you reached the absolute limit of your car's capability and your own fearlessness?

In 1951, Don drove his 1934 Ford coupe to 138 mph at El Mirage. This was a remarkable achievement in its own right, made even sweeter by the fact that Don had built the car himself, including chopping the top with a hack saw. Ingenuity knew no bounds in heyday of the American hot rod, and the "Ferguson Coupe" still shines as a perfect example of what those days were all about. The car has been restored to its 1951/52 configuration.

1934 Ford
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